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Introduction Post

My journal is now...

Although the occasional post might be public.

If you wanna introduce yourself, do it here =D And don't be shy because meeting new friends is always neat <3

Oh and my layout is by xnaixnaix!

Once I've friended you, do go to my Contact Post and add me on MSN, or wherever.

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So I'm actually sharing my icons =O 
Not sure if anyone on my flist besides Mel watches Toradora, but HERE IS SOME MINORIN


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tra la la

Hey guys do this meme =D

Leave me a character from any fandom in my ask and I'll answer with:
Favorite thing about them
Least favorite thing about them
My OTP for them
My favorite friendship for them
Favorite quote or line they’ve said

/to busy to post properly


Prussia Picspam

 A gift for new friends? And old friends too, sorry I'm not keeping up so well Dx

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Picspam Archive Entry

Hey I just realised there are no links to my past picspams!
And idk, you never know when somebody might want check them out?

And btw my Photobucket account is HERE and that's where they're mostly hosted so that might save time sometimes idk.

I'll do most pairings and characters =3 I can probably do okay-ish YuGiOh picspams too but they'll be shorter I imagine xD

Non-Hetalia Spams:

Past Spams:
Bad Friends Trio: Part 1 (there will be a part 2 someday)
Frying Pangle (Prussia/Hungary/Austria!)
AustroSwiss & Other Swiss Ships


So me and Dad are probably going up to London this weekend =D

Whilest trying to decide what to do there I found some incredibly pretty pictures of it, and now I have  BRAND NEW LONDON FOLDER and I am rather pleased with it.

Now I need to work on my Cats&Kittens folder, which is somewhat lacking =/

This is what I do in my free time XDDD

Feeling better

For the past few days I've felt pretty horrible with a temperature and headaches. I've also been feeling pretty shitty mentally. Like, I start crying at the smallest things and I'm all jumpy and anxious all the tie.

Buuuut I feel a lot better today, will definitely be back at school on Monday! 

I went with Dad to the pub yesterday and talked things through with him and it was very therapeutic. Dad is he same kind of person as me (only really having a "happy" and a "sad" mood etc) and he deals with a hell of a lot of stress too so he understood =)

Also I've been watching so many Disney films this week! Today I watched 101 Dalmatians and that was awesome. 

Top Yuri Pairings!

 I've been putting this post off, because there are not actually as many yuri pairings I feel strongly about. Most of them are just casual ships, incest, or kinda very crack-ish. That being said, I feel like I should have one. So here we go:

There are TWENTY of these, woah...Collapse )


Pokemon and stuff

Hey guys, I updated my GIRL'S LIST. It's now waaaaay over 10 and I don't even care.
Edit: Also updated the HET LIST.

My mum totally found an old pokemon annual! I'm more excited by this than I should be. Also inside it are lyrics me and Jack wrote down from the "Pokemon Karaoke-mon" segments on TV. Aha <3 While I'm taking about this, I totally have 3 or 4 pokemon albums on my ipod. I am SUCH a loser =D

Also Star Wars is on TV and dad is getting really into it =) 

various bits and bobs

 Went to my friend Weez's yesterday along with Sophie. We watched Sherlock and Louie Spence's Show Business and life was good. I totally forgot how much I liked Sherlock =O And Louie Spence is totally a national treasure <3 

I've been feeling really positive about my friends recently actually =) Also I'm sitting with Jesamine for History now and she is just so cheerful and amusing and I love her <3 There was this man outside our window cutting a huge tree down chuck by chunk with a chainsaw whilst really high up there and it was most distracting. 

And then in Classics this week there was this exchange:
"Couldn't Odysseus have just taken a less dangerous route?"
"That's like saying Harry Potter could have avoided all the Voldemort drama by just moving to France"
"To be fair, I think living in France would be worse than fighting Voldemort"
"Awww, what's so bad about France?"
"The French."
looooool English anti-France jokes, still going on even now xD

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you the following:
1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:

Speaking of pairings I need to update my shipping lists and top 10s I think. So urm, look out for it! XD

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